Oriental Business Park

Algiers, Algeria

The new headquarters of CSCEC in Algiers is located in the Bab Ezzouar business district, a rapidly changing neighborhood and a strategic location close to the airport and transportation hub.

The mixed use, and multi-tenant complex is announced by a very totemic and memorable main facade to the west facing the central train station.

The Oriental Business Park (OBP) is also the headquarters of several prominent companies who have chosen to assert their presence and gain in visibility.

OBP is made up of a multi-tenant office building with a generous entry hall, a cafeteria and an exhibition area, a hotel residence, sports club and ancillary service facilities.

The rectangular site of 325 m long is boarded by the district’s main boulevard which leads to the main metro station of Bab Ezzouar and offer distant views of the Atlas Mountains to the east and the university designed by Oscar Niemeyer to the west. The linearity of the site naturally organizes the functions of offices, dwellings, restaurants, and sport along a planted promenade.

In project carried out in collaboration with the 2P agency of Christian de Portzamparc.


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