CELAP Academy

Pudong, China

The Pudong leadership academy design was an exceptional experience for Tom Sheehan and his associates in terms of scale, program and encounter. The campus spread over 80he with a complex brief and a deadline of 25 months from concept design to inauguration. 7 other prestigious architectural firms were invited to participate in an international  2 phase competition. The winning project captures the interest of China’s top leader and future party chairman by its audacious and contemporary rendition of the traditional professorial table lacquered in crimson red.

Seen from above and as a whole, the 300m long “table” is the Chinese pictogram for the number one as this is the high learning institute for the nation in business administration. Seen more partially through the campus gardens, the sculptural legs and more free forms evoke stability with movement.

sketch WS clean
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CPIA 01.P 01_243.p-aspect-ratio-2164-2590

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