Chengdu City Center

Chengdu, China

Our urban strategy considers a parcel of approximately 27 000 sqm, locked in the center of a city black, while in the hyper center of Chengdu and its proximity to the Renmin South Road, the historical north south axis of the city. lt was essential to both create an urban continuity with the refined quality of the streetscape and develop a significant storefront length in proportion with the import retail program. The inner Piazza pierces through the street walls creating a generously proportioned parallel space in the prolongation of the public streetscape and allows for fluidity and increases the attachment to the surrounding cultural and commercial environment. The Piazza will provide depth and create thickness to the Renmin South Road’s building front. The longest street front, which is along Zhongnan Street, will be built to the alignment and a small interior courtyard is used to announce the secondary entrance to the retail mall.

The ambitious program of functions has been addressed in the order of their importance in relationship with the streetscape. Therefore, the retail areas are of great importance to the project and receive particular attention. The mali is conceived on two double height floors with mezzanines. The roof terrace, 16 meters above the Piazza will house a tea garden and restaurants. The highest tower will combine offices on the lower 2/3 and a Five Star Hotel on the upper floors. Three apartment towers to the south propose luxury duplex apartments each with a private garden terrace. The duplexes transform the urban highrises into spacious sky villas.

The evocation of a misty Szechuan mountain landscape has inspired the architectural forms of the towers and base. Their numerous green terraces remind us of the local custom of “taking ones time” to enjoy the beauty and abundance of this region. The sinuous curves of the facades suggest the cambered garden walls of the Wuhouci while they call to mind the rushing currents of Dujiangyan dam. To think of Chengdu is to imagine hundreds of villages and venues, temples and gardens, hilltop teahouses or riverside restaurants of this extremely attaching province. Our project seeks to transform the hidden heart of this city block into a landscape reminiscent of the region’s treasures.

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