Cairo, Egypt

The ABC Bank headquarters building in New Cairo City began with the re-design of a semi-complete core structure. It has 6 floors sitting on a two-level-podium and represents over 16 000 sqm of finished office space. The building’s new façade design took into consideration the need for a fresh image of the headquarters office. The original façade also did too little to protect the interiors from the harsh climatic conditions of Cairo.

The re-designed envelope is a double-skin system detached from the glazed enclosure by 80 to 120 cm. It provides shading and confidentiality to the workspaces within, while offering an architectural expression, independent from the standard building dimensions, openings and structure. It allows for an iconic or totemic statement of the bank. Like the entrance to an ancient temple, the building’s frontal piece is a gateway and a passage into the institution.

Detail_ Zoom Facade 01 axofrontal_structure-01SMALL
Etage courant (Construction de... )
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