D2 Tower

Paris, La Défense, France

This tower is the work of Tom Sheehan & Antony Béchu, and contributes to the renaissance of the La Défense business district in Paris and boulevard circulaire. The D2 Tower is firmly establishing La Défense among international flagship urban sites means offering a new architectural approach to major users.

The D2 project has been conceived in such a way as to suggest the «living» dimension of the real estate as a whole, as much in its interior architecture as in its immediate environnement.

The town of Courbevoie extends out towards the heart of La Défense/Esplanade. The gulf between the boulevard circulaire and the Esplanade is filled and Courbevoie gains an additional doorstep. The liaison is affirmed by a place for city dwellers and a planted cascade that links the esplanade to the boulevard circulaire.

Light, opened up spaces, liveliness, sustainable development, transparency and dynamism are just some of the key factors that the D2 project aims to weld together.

Since the tour D2 cannot compete with size of its neighbours, it is through its humanity and sortness that it will make its contribution to environmental quality.

Tour-D2 (2014) - LD - Copyright M.Ducros - ATSP - 024
05_Facades COIFFE-100
Majorelle - Tour D2 - La défense
Majorelle - Tour D2 - La défense
Majorelle - Tour D2 - La défense
Majorelle - Tour D2 - La défense
Tour-D2 (2014) - LD - Copyright M.Ducros - ATSP - 010

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