Social Housing Program

Algiers, Algeria

Dans le cadre du plan quinquennal d’un million de logements, les pouvoirs publics algériens ont programmé une grande opération de résorption de l’habitat précaire.


The program provides for a set of commercial and socio-cultural premises as well as a certain number of facilities: college, schools, health center, market, etc.

The site benefits from exceptional urban connectivity, very well served by roads and railways. However, in the proximity reports, these two infrastructures represent strong cuts and an isolation of the site.

The project makes it possible to reduce this situation of isolation while taking advantage of the potential connectivity of the existing fabric.

The composition of this new district is based on the principle of the open block. It brings together autonomous buildings around a traditional street. 

Our goal is to give the neighborhood a character of unity without however locking it into an “inside out” system. The creation of a physical and visual threshold makes it possible to attenuate the separation between private space and public space.

The built mass of this project revolves around a green lung: a landscaped void allowing views to be freed up. It participates in the climatic regulation of the area and highlights the facades of the buildings that surround it.

It unifies and gives a singular identity to the district its interior role reinforces the centrality by the concentration of the equipment.

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