La Piverdière, Village du Football

Rennes, France

If training can sublimate talent, it is to become an art on the field.

The first vocation of the Football Village is to nurture the talent of its players. Our project aims to highlight the natural heritage of this site as well as create a dialogue with the history of the club and its region. We offer an architectural and landscape identity characterized by contemporary and archetypal forms built with raw and native materials. The region was a source of inspiration thanks to its ancient and mythical places and its traditions of builders and farmers. The dominant use of red shale, wood, and corten steel unifies the buildings with each other, thus creating a contrast between the red and the green of the vegetation and fields.

The main facade with its assembly of shale panels appearing to be in motion, echoes the flags waved by supporters. The existing route of the Chemin de la Piverdière organically crosses the Place du Village. A contemporary place that gives the impression of having always been there. The confluence of the roofs of the two buildings on the Place forms the abstraction of a classic pediment, thus affirming the institutional character of the center. Referencing the club’s logo presenting two ermine facing each other, the mirrored composition of the buildings offers a glimpse into the training fields. The round shape of the pro building, inspired by Celtic symbolism, signifies unity and dynamism. It is hand drawn, spontaneous and unique.

By creating this place of excellence we meet the users’ needs while creating a space for discussion and communication with the public.

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