Domont’s Gendarmerie

Domont, France

The project we are proposing is ambitious. Its main intention is to symbolize a strong link between the gendarmerie, the city and its inhabitants.


Located at the entrance to Domont, we paid particular attention to the symbol that this building can convey, as well as the image of modernity and openness of the Gendarmerie, both through its orientation, its forms, its proportions and the materials used. The shapes and geometries are simple and intertwined, both contemporary and softened by the inflections of the main body and the roofs of the two appendages which frame it.


Finally, the materials chosen are noble and durable, while not flashy, which would be the opposite of the ethics of the Gendarmerie. The facades in particular alternate with the program solid and glazed, the whole being unified by a woven stainless-steel mesh over the entire height of the ground floor. This double skin reveals the life of the building during the day and offers light shows at night.

2009 N 302-098
img_3506-scaled-aspect-ratio-1417-2258 IMG_3505

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