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Paris, France

The territory of Paris’ western sports district stretches north beyond the Bois de Boulogne to the south of the Seine and includes the Parc des Princes, Roland Garros, Jean Bouin and the Piscine Molitor. They cross the riverbanks and run along the Seine to the Dojo d’Aïkido. A broad green belt collects these venues into a nearly continuous sequence. This advantageous urban condition needs little to be reveled and fulfilled.

A master plan that will provide guidelines for the renovation of each of these venues over time is vital. At the heart of this district lie the most significant and largest territory, the Parc des Princes and the adjacent site of Geo André (over 7,5he). The future development of this site must recognize the orchestrating role it plays in the continued success of its prestigious neighbors. The mutual interests of transport, access, way finding, landscape, parking, commerce, security, etc. to name just a few of the objectives. Perhaps and most importantly are the softer objectives of developing the unique urban identity of this Parisian district on an international level. Create one of Paris’ “place to be” for sports and entertainment. The Parc des Princes’ 2022 vision is looking forward to the larger needs, it recognizes the over one century of sports ambition and performance while setting the scene for the next century. A Parc des Princes, stadium of the century!

The buildings will be far more than just a stadium. They will be a portion of the City equipped with indoor sports centers, retail and entertainment, community services, hotels, electric car parks…

Reopening the pedestrian landscaped horizon will naturally encourage orientation and fluidity of movement, allow simultaneous events in different venues, and let the public discover and enjoy the lesser-known sites of this greater territory.

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Vue Parvis

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