Bercy Arena Renovation

Paris, France

During the past 25 years, the district around the POPB has been transformed into a genuine Parisian quarter. Precursor to the « green » architecture movement, the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy with its grass facades, remains anchored in the collective memories of the capital. This sensational venue of the 8o’s however has lost its spark. Despite being at the top of innovation at its opening in 1984, the POPB now needs new urban ambitions to measure up to a city transformed by ecology, density and mobility.

ln our proposition, the arena would become a significant destination in the quarter and for the Park of Bercy. The new project was a glowing urban landscape integrated in the garden it overlooks. As per the Asian legend, « render the garden its sacred mountain ». The new project would facilitate the coming and going and offer a full and agreeable experience for spectators and neighbors.

The old stone base of the edifice would be covered by the biodiversity of a lush landscape and would be perforated to open into the vast new public vestibules within. This new animation and user path will enrich the events for all public.

The new disposition of the arenas offers for the first time a real comfort and quality of services, as well as an increased capacity for each category of spectators. The multifunctional qualities of the new seating will allow more events of a greater variety.

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