Alger, Algeria

Our proposal for the new Palais des Expositions
can be characterized with three principles that we have
in this present moment of the history of the country.
The opportunity presented by this project offers Algeria a
national and international notoriety enabling
to show its know-how, its hospitality its originality
and its ability to inspire. First, the project reflects
the symbol of Algerian and Mediterranean culture,
with a generous gesture of welcome, the lobby and the center
of conference welcome the public with curved shapes
and elegant awnings, the steel-corten tower of a
height of 49m with a base of 7x7m inspired by
tower of M’Zab and Tlemcen, gives a strong signal, and a point
remarkable place. Outdoor spaces are permeable with the interior to
increase the exhibition area and create a road.
pleasant landscape for visitors.

Sculptures, frescoes and ephemeral works
of Algerian artists punctuate the surroundings and dress the
facades. Second, high energy performance and
makes this an attractive and responsible
international destination for exhibitors and visitors.
In a demonstrative way, the project collects
solar energy on its roof, recovers rainwater
to clean the surroundings, water its gardens and cool
Underground infrastructure to refresh
passively visitors and to complete the principles
founders, the project must anticipate future uses and
ensure its sustainability. High flexibility of surfaces,
overloads, natural and artificial lighting, etc.
as well as a clear separation of functions provide.

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