Armand Cesari Stadium

Furiani, Bastia

The renovation of the Armand Cesari Stadium in Furiani must meet the ambitions of the Community of Agglomeration of Bastia and all Corsicans. It took time to achieve an architectural consistency of the stadium with its environment. At a time when we were building with the past, today we are building for the future. Our proposal respects the heritage of the place and welcomes a more contemporary use. By bringing this stone to the building, we hope to offer a more complete experience to supporters, safer, more comfortable and more athletic. If all the ambition has not been revealed in our proposal, we believe we have provided the vector for future embellishments by creating infrastructures for economic growth, the development of new content and the anchoring of the visual identity of this mythical place.

221104-AXO NORD-01-A

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